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Hi guys, I got another piece of writing from my friend Ayu Miranti…She told me it was written by SOHO…sounds like pharmacy company ya?

Your head, your mind, has been turned in many ways by many people according to their ideas of how you should be. There was not any bad intention. Your parents loved you, your teachers loved you, your society wanted you to be somebody. Their intentions were good, but their understanding was very short. They forgot that you cannot manage to make a marigold bush into rose flowers, or vice-versa.

All that you can do is help the roses to grow bigger, more colorful, more fragrant. You can give all the chemicals that are needed to transform the color and the fragrance — the manure that is needed, the right soil, the right watering at the right times — but you cannot make the rose bush produce lotuses.

And if you start giving the idea to the rosebush, “You have to become lotus flowers” — and of course the lotus flowers are beautiful and big — you are giving a wrong conditioning which will help only in that this bush will never able to produce lotuses; and also, its whole energy will be directed on a wrong path so it will not produce even roses. Because from where it will get the energy to produce roses? And when there will be no lotuses, no roses, of course this poor bush will feel continuously empty, frustrated, barren, unworthy.
mira: And this is what is happening to human beings. With all good intentions, people are turning your mind. In a better society, with more understanding people, nobody will change you. Everybody will help you to be yourself — and to be oneself is the richest thing in the world. To be oneself gives you all that you need to feel fulfilled, all that can make your life meaningful, significant. Just being yourself and growing according to your nature will bring the fulfillment of your destiny.

So the urge is not bad, but it has been moved towards wrong objects. And you have to be aware not to be manipulated by anybody, howsoever good their intentions are. You have to save yourself from so many well-intentioned people, do-gooders, who are constantly advising you to be this, to be that. Listen to them and thank them, they don’t mean any harm, but harm is what happens. You just listen to your own heart — that is your only teacher.

In the real journey of life, your own intuitions is your only teacher. Have you looked at the word ‘intuition’? It is the same as ‘tuition’. Tuition is given by teachers, from outside; intuition is given by your own nature, from inside. You have your guide within you.

With just a little courage you will never feel that you are unworthy. You may not become the president of a country, you may not become a prime minister, you may not become Henry Ford; but there is no need. You may become a beautiful singer, you may become a beautiful painter. And it does not matter what you do….

What fulfills is that you are enjoying what you are doing, that you are putting all your energies into it; that you don’t want to be anybody else; that this is what you want to be; that you agree with nature that the part given to you to play in this drama is the right part, and you are not ready to change it even with a president or an emperor.

This is real richness. This is real power.
If everybody grows to be himself, you will find the whole earth full of powerful people, of tremendous strength, intelligence, understanding, and a fulfillment, a joy that they have come home.

  Most women become mothers by accidents, some by choice, a few by social pressures and a couple by habit Erma Bombeck

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This entry was posted on 07/05/2009 by in cuapcuap and tagged , .

Ranah Rana

Body Talk workshop. Further info please contact @drhrani :* So why some vets offer HUMAN birth control injection to cats? well many reasons I can't mention in social media of course. duuuhhh.

Is it safe? apakah aman? seminggu sekali saya selalu terima whatsapp org yang panik tanya apakah bisa steril kucingny pyometra segera. Begitu dari lubang vagina keluar cairan putih nanah, kejaran waktu dimulai antara : mendapatkan dokter hewan yang siap untuk tindakan operasi dan DANA. Kl pecah? ya RIP. sederhana. 
Lanjutkan suntik KB nya! lanjutkan sayang. Nangis2nya nanti ke dokter hewan yang suntikin ya. bukan ke saya.

#Repost @rumahsteril with @repostapp
Bulatan putih ini nanah yang kl sampai pecah berbahaya untuk kucingnya. 
Selain karena suntik KB, pyometra bisa terjadi karena beberapa sebab lainnya. #infosteril The main problem among Indonesian cat lovers: they can't afford neuter / spay fee. Even when they ask how much is it cost in Rumah Steril (±US$ 30), they still complaining the price is expensive. 
So what happen next? some vets in Indonesia offer human birth control injection. it is cheap with consequences. Pyometra for example. 
I do not mind. Feel free to keep doing it. not my cats anyway.

#Repost @rumahsteril with @repostapp
Belajar Yuk!
Ovarium yang sehat ada di kiri.
Ovarium yang tengah ada kista (bening jd memang susah keliatan sih).
Ovarium yang kanan penuh nanah. LANJUTKAN SUNTIK KB NYA. lanjutkannn.... #infosteril I don't know about other country, but in Indonesia, it is cheaper to bring your cat in food container like this instead of pet cargo. We call it 'rio basket' because you can find RIO sticker on it.

It can be found in pet shop or grocery store like this :) utk yang baru pakai instagram, begini cara mencari info steril. Masukkan tanda pagar (#) lalu kata kunci 'infosteril' seperti contoh di samping.

Kamu bisa menemukan banyak informasi steril di berbagai kota. Ada yang rutin seperti Steril Yuk di Bekasi, Steril di Jogja, Surabaya dan kami sendiri Rumah Steril di Depok.

Kalau sebuah kota tidak bisa rutin steril, maklumilah. Ingat:
1. dokter hewan tidak sebanyak rumah makan padang di kota kamu

2. tidak semua dokter hewan setuju dengan steril murah.



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