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lesson : Love Yourself, Live Your Spirit

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I got this book as a Christmas gift from my friend Ayu Miranti. I was amazed when I read this book. I wonder how can the writer living her life compassionately and gracefully. Finished this book in two weeks, I still didn’t how to apply it in my own life until.. I re-read this book last week.. I am glad for the second time reading this book, I make a lot of improvement (thanks to all of my life challenges this year..). I am grateful I live my Spirit in a right way.. I made this summary of this book as a note to myself :

  1. To live your Spirit is simple: all you must do is detach from your ego and listen to your inner voice. For me, it is important to be flexible and changing direction as it is called for..which I call it A TWIST. The more you resonate with frequency or vibration of Spirit, the stronger the connection becomes and stronger it becomes, the clearer the direction your Spirit offers in your life. As you continue to strengthen your relationship with your Spirit, the mental chatter (suspicions and insecurities) will quite down. Once you choose to love yourself and align with your Spirit, life aligns with you. Obstacles give way to openings and struggle turns to support.
  2. The more you give your Spirit what it loves, the stronger it becomes, the less lost and out of control you feel. Fully emboidied Spirit quiets your nervous, insecure, and fearful ego mind completely and moves you toward what makes you happy and fill you with light.
  3. Give your Spirit a healthy and happy home to dwell in. Don’t bring yourself on a path that doesn’t serve you. Do not attack yourself anymore, because it is hurtful to the Spirit. Stop internally listening to the past negative feedback that had haunted your life.
  4. The Spirit never demands to be or do something special. It only encourages you to be and do what you love. It can only be found by opening your heart, connecting to what you love, and sharing with others. In the great equation of life, if we each pursue our purpose, all of our needs will be met.
  5. Stop worrying and like dominoes falling in place, you find yourself on a path toward fulfilling your most authentic self. The more you know your Spirit and allow it to move you in the direction of what you love, the more quickly you enter into a comfortable and grounded pattern of ease and confidence.
  6. By identifying your spirit’s top priority each day and making it your goal, you assure not only the highest expression of your own self, but you also ensure that you bring the highest and most authentic vibration of you to others.
  7. Choose to be happy and filled with self-love wont necessarily in you any popularity contests. Be true to your spirit and dont be embarrased to feel good about yourself. You may initially feel bit out of sync with the world and in fact you are. Stick with loving yourself and living your spirit and be patient with others. Although it is hard to believe at times, there are people resonating at a higher level of vibration and if yours is consistently high, you will connect to them. In the meantime, stay true to your spirit and enjoy your peace even if it is unpopular. It can be lonely to choose self-love.
  8. to be wise means to bite your tongue, bide your time, forgive the moment, and respond to a difficult situation with love rather than fear. To be wise means channeling your aggression or passive aggression into thoughtful actions rather than being enslaved by your reactions. You might give up a personal perspectives to accommodate the group idea, forgiving someone who has let you down, and not taking it personally. It might be listening to another’s complaint without being defensive or reactive. A wise heart feels passionately but acts with prudence. It leads you to discernment and patience. If we are wise, we slow down, observe and learn from others, and choose to be peaceful over being right.. Right is the subjective reaction of the fleeting ego. Peace is a universal response to the deepest Spirit.
  9. Divine mind is joyful, happy, lighthearted mind. Ego mind only brings you into drama. When you find yourself having frequent arguments with significant others, often feel angry, get easily offended, you are in drama. It is easy for ego to get flustered and become quite upset at times, but be creative, when it comes, excuse yourself, do something you like and return in a good mood. Take time to calm yourself down. In the silence, you might hear inner voice loud and clear, offering comfort, guidance, suggestions or direction. Anytime you feel the disturbed energies of your ego mind blurring your joy, stop whatever you are doing, if possible, and try something creative. You don’t have to be good at your creative endeavor. It is not for others to judge.. it is for you to enjoy.
  10. The courageous heart endows you with the ability to say no when you must; stick up for what you believe in; and face off attack without giving in to what goes against your principles, moral, ethics, or values.
  11. This is the part which my friend text it to me on 17th February 2010 (remember Mir?) : Always remember life’s challenges are lessons. Stop feeling as though you are a victim. This is not to suggest that the ones you face at time are not difficult or painful. It only means that until you acknowledge that your challenges exist to teach you something on a soul level, you can’t even begin to get past or rise above them. Whatever problem you encounter, know that it presents itself because there is something in that situation that your soul wants to learn. Recently I realise about this.  I know on a soul level that intimacy and partnership are my challenge for growth, and I accept this lesson. It needs effort to view any problem as a soul lesson no a personal punishment. Just a class.
  12. If we choose to view our challenge and lessons from self-love and Spirit, we see them as the game and sport they are intended to be. We feel the pain as it goes with the human experience. However, keep in mind our Spirit is greater than any hurt the ego or body will feel.
  13. Last but not least.. My favourite one.. happened to me when I had my holiday in Tidung Island ♥ : Meditation is simply a walk with God. As you walk with God, imagine that you are talking with Him. As you walk, imagine the Creator is lovingly embracing you. Imagine being hugged by God. It is possible that God may break the silence and advise you while on your meditative walk. If your heart is open and you expect the best, the Universe meets you halfway and fills your life with wonderful surprises.

2 comments on “lesson : Love Yourself, Live Your Spirit

  1. mendadak blog-walking ke wp lo…awalnya gimana pun gw lupa. but since everything has its reason, i’m glad i did🙂

    am crazily busy w/ work at the pr agency that even sabrina’s mom (whose little sister i teach) asked another teacher to teach her instead ‘cos i didn’t have time for her.

    i believe as heartbreaking as things may seem, it happens for a good cause..right?

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