museum prasasti

mengunci mulut keluhan rapat-rapat

Facebook is truly to see and to be seen. Most my colleagues are posting their holiday pics and I can only staring on their pics. I also in my holiday but this is not a real holiday. When people on their holiday, they suppose to go somewhere (not over the rainbow) and enjoy the trip. I almost wanted to feel sorry for myself as I still juggle in the same place. I still need to handle different things and I got headache instantly & almost crying (lebayyy). Then I got this in my twitter’s timeline :

You will never find time for anything. If you want time you must take it – Charles Buxton

I might not have my dream holiday but I can choose which work I want to do. I know my place is messy but I choose to ignore it. I try to calm myself down (inhale exhale and drink a lot of water). So this is what I said to myself :

OK Vivi memang banyak yg pengen lu kerjain, bersihin kamera, refill shampoo, urus bisnis telpon sini telpon situ, tapi yang terpenting dari itu semua : istirahatkan kepala lu dulu.

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