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Mover and Cats

you will understand how a business can relate to cats . 4 years ago, (November 2011) I decided to buy a franchise Raja Pindah Depok worth 30 million. I think this was the right step to facilitate Ramot in learning entrepreneurship. Before, I’ve ever tried to sell canvas bags via online before it was not run well (well at least I gain profit 30% of the capital).

According to the terms and conditions from Raja Pindah, a small office on the 2nd floor Graha Buana was rented as our head office (27 million a year and must rent it for two years). It turned useless as no one was coming to our place.  It two months nothing happened like promised. I stay in this small office to save living costs. The place was the incredible hot because it is designed without ventilation (assuming tenants install AC). In life I tend to blame myself when I took the wrong decision. The beginning of 2012 I began to dissolve in self-pity. I got the capital from my mother when we sold our house in Pasar Minggu. Everyone blamed me as an act of rebellious child because of it. When I was single I thought to use the money as down payment for mini house in kampung and pay the installment from my salary as a teacher. When I was in a relationship, I was thinking to use some of the money to have simple wedding but the wedding was canceled. I still remember how I promoted this moving company in Masjid Kubah Emas, Sunday Market in Pesona Khayangan, and in Bedah Kampus. I was the one who took survey, riding my bike from Depok to house complexes in Cibubur. I did everything but still I earn small amount of money. It was only 400-900 thousand per month.


I was naive to think to put money in a business. Even naive when I expected to earn return of investment from Raja Pindah and will be able to buy a house.  With the start of my decision to manage Raja Pindah Depok, my adventure began in Depok. I did anything to introduce Raja Pindah in Depok. In reality people in Depok can not afford Raja Pindah’s servce. 3 months after Raja Pindah Depok opened, I agree with Ramot to buy a franchise Raja Pindah Cibubur and rent a small office for 30 million. Early 2012 was really exhausting for me. I had to teach at the same time working on transfer deals. In that year I decided to stop working as a teacher. I left after 3 years in Cita Buana to try to focus in Raja Pindah Depok Cibubur. It remained the same. I still need to eat every day so in mid-2012, I became a part-time teacher in the English First Depok. I earn around 2 million per month but at least I can survive with my cats. I stay busy. One business does not give me any money. One activity I enjoy most : teaching. Those which kept me strong was my two stray cats from Jatinegara Market. Upik and Ucrit accompanied me in my lonely night. Living in Margonda street means I must ready for everything gang fight, car accidents, and drunken teenagers.

Being a part-time teacher of course does not guarantee a fixed income. I still receive private lessons in Kemang and Santa. The trip was quite tiring. My reason to keep doing it because I have Upik and Ucrit to feed. However I joined several activities to cover my pain. In this year, I met Werry who needs help to write the content for his websites. Yup Werry was on fire in learning search engine optimization. He bought Several websites with strong keywords like ‘’ and ‘’. Curiosity kills the cat. Werry put a phone number and was obtained a response. Finally the website is quite helpful for 2 pickup drivers. Actually the principle similar like GoJek. It does not give profit for us yet but at least we can pay employees and operational cost. I still do not gain anything. Sometimes when I’m free, I became kenek (helper) so I can earn Rp. 50,000.

In 2013 I was quite grateful to be able to move to smaller place. I no longer look forward to Raja Pindah. Teaching, manage Werry’s pickup, and take care my cast were too much for me. In 2014 I resign from EF. Pickup rental was also tend to fall . Fortunately, I had the opportunity of remote working as media monitoring a month before the wedding. This week I look at Raja Pindah website without my name on it. My franchise right supposed to be for five years means it is finished in 2016. I do not mind. I am glad I left the drama. It gives me painful yet meaningful experience. As long I can live with my 20 cats and 2 dogs, I know everything gonna be alright. Wuopoiki!

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This entry was posted on 10/07/2015 by in anjingkucing and tagged , .

Ranah Rana

Body Talk workshop. Further info please contact @drhrani :* So why some vets offer HUMAN birth control injection to cats? well many reasons I can't mention in social media of course. duuuhhh.

Is it safe? apakah aman? seminggu sekali saya selalu terima whatsapp org yang panik tanya apakah bisa steril kucingny pyometra segera. Begitu dari lubang vagina keluar cairan putih nanah, kejaran waktu dimulai antara : mendapatkan dokter hewan yang siap untuk tindakan operasi dan DANA. Kl pecah? ya RIP. sederhana. 
Lanjutkan suntik KB nya! lanjutkan sayang. Nangis2nya nanti ke dokter hewan yang suntikin ya. bukan ke saya.

#Repost @rumahsteril with @repostapp
Bulatan putih ini nanah yang kl sampai pecah berbahaya untuk kucingnya. 
Selain karena suntik KB, pyometra bisa terjadi karena beberapa sebab lainnya. #infosteril The main problem among Indonesian cat lovers: they can't afford neuter / spay fee. Even when they ask how much is it cost in Rumah Steril (±US$ 30), they still complaining the price is expensive. 
So what happen next? some vets in Indonesia offer human birth control injection. it is cheap with consequences. Pyometra for example. 
I do not mind. Feel free to keep doing it. not my cats anyway.

#Repost @rumahsteril with @repostapp
Belajar Yuk!
Ovarium yang sehat ada di kiri.
Ovarium yang tengah ada kista (bening jd memang susah keliatan sih).
Ovarium yang kanan penuh nanah. LANJUTKAN SUNTIK KB NYA. lanjutkannn.... #infosteril I don't know about other country, but in Indonesia, it is cheaper to bring your cat in food container like this instead of pet cargo. We call it 'rio basket' because you can find RIO sticker on it.

It can be found in pet shop or grocery store like this :) utk yang baru pakai instagram, begini cara mencari info steril. Masukkan tanda pagar (#) lalu kata kunci 'infosteril' seperti contoh di samping.

Kamu bisa menemukan banyak informasi steril di berbagai kota. Ada yang rutin seperti Steril Yuk di Bekasi, Steril di Jogja, Surabaya dan kami sendiri Rumah Steril di Depok.

Kalau sebuah kota tidak bisa rutin steril, maklumilah. Ingat:
1. dokter hewan tidak sebanyak rumah makan padang di kota kamu

2. tidak semua dokter hewan setuju dengan steril murah.



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