I Think I am Addicted to Work

I am workaholic and I seek for help. I really mean it. It has been two months I never publish something new in my blog. It is not because I do not have ideas to write but I manage myself not to write my dark side (nope I am not Star Wars enthusiast). I am addicted to work and my partner only take that as a joke. I do understand that as he is a person with high need in me-time and need to focus in his startup.

There is a consequence in writing this piece of writing. People will judge, gossip and might offer cliche solution (by saying ‘just relax, take a break’ you are trully unempathetic). I can’t find any person to talk about this problem while at the same time I weep a lot because I just want to shut down my brain. I stop thinking about holiday. I wonder whether I keep working to make myself busy or anything else.

22nd May 2017, I finally admit: the reason I keep making myself busy because I cant cope with loneliness. I feel lonely for several times not because I life alone but I believe it is part of my aloof personality. Deep down in my heart, I want to stop from this addiction but I am clueless where to start



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